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A Year 5 Class Post

Maple Rock Stars

Tensions were high at lunchtime today.

A small group of children were invited to stay in and compete against each other at Times Tables Rock Stars, as they had not been able to find a time over the weekend to play against anyone on this interactive home learning.

Despite the calm appearance of the photographs below, each game created huge competition and excitement as they could see how they climbed (or not) up the leader board in each game.

Wembly, Madison Square Gardens, Glastonbury… these children aimed high to become a rock legend, beating the highest score of their classmates, and in the process securing and improving their own knowledge of times tables.

“The room was full of excitement. It was like you were actually there, doing it with other people. It’s also great practice for your maths,” Adam

“It was very fun to play against other people! It was helpful to learn our times tables.” Harri

“It’s always fun learning with friends, ” Georgia



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