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A Year 5 Class Post

Maths Challengers

On Wednesday, Samuel Lucas was represented by four of Year 5’s most confident mathematicians in this year’s North Herts Maths Challenge. It was held at William Ransom school, and our courageous four battled their wits against eight other Year 5 teams from our local area. After four rounds of exceedingly baffling problems to solve, our team reasoned, discussed and explained their way through each one, working together as a team, supporting and guiding each other to find the final answers.

There was tough competition, and our team were just pipped to the post by William Ransom, so sadly do not get through to the next round. They did, however, have a brilliant time and were buzzing at the end of the evening.

“We really enjoyed it. The questions were really hard, but we worked together and managed to get an answer.” Jake

“It was quite funny when we had to describe a particular poster to the other two to explain where the shapes went, but they kept putting it in the same place! This improved our group skills.” Lydia

“The hardest round was the third round, because we had to estimate amounts, such as how many bottle lids would fit into one bottle,” Hannah

“I enjoyed the memory round; it was really challenging, because it was really detailed and you weren’t allowed to point.” Grace


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