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A Year 5 Class Post

Meeting Macbeth and creating sculptures, lifecycles and places of worship!

Year 5 have had an exciting start to summer term! In English, we have started our Summer play study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth play, this week we learnt about Shakespeare’s themes in his plays and predicted what Macbeth may be about. We looked at different props that are used in Macbeth that have symbolic meaning to the play such as a cauldron, crown, blood, crow and a dagger.

We practised descriptive writing when describing Act 1 Scene 1’s spooky heath using symbolic imagery and our senses to bring to life the haunting heath! Then, we watched the first few scenes in the play where we learnt about the witches’ prophecies of the future indicating Macbeth will be Thane of Cawdor then King of Scotland! We put ourselves in Macbeth’s point of view and write a letter to Lady Macbeth informing her of the battle won, these strange prophecies and our plan and thought of becoming King and Queen. We cannot wait to find out what happens next and find out what Macbeth’s fate is…

In Art this term, we will be creating Sculptures. Today, we studied sculpture artist Theo Jansen’s Stranbeest moving sculpture and were amazed by the size and movement along the beach of his sculpture. We observed and discussed the materials, movement and feelings evoked by the sculpture as well as Mrs Carpenter’s range of 3D sculptures which we used as inspiration to create our own 3D sculpture based on a prompt card such as ‘make something that rocks’ or ‘make something that balances’. It was captivating to see year 5 artists bring their ideas to life and create unqiue sculptures. After we created our sculptures, we had a class gallery where we went around the classroom to enjoy other artists’ sculptures.

Finally, to end the day the day of creating and practical learning, in RE we learnt about places of worship such as the synagogue and the church and the key features included in each and the symbolic meaning of it such as eternal light or cross and then with our learning partner, we created a 3D model our choice of synagogue or church.

What a great start to our last term of year 5! Well done Year 5!

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