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A Year 5 Class Post

Mindfulness, Maths Magic and Shadows

This week on Thursday we enjoyed a full morning of mindfulness with our third session led by Neelam from the Mindfulness in Schools Project, and our second visit of the year from Phase.

Building on the mindful breathing and focus exercises he has already taught us, Neelam guided us through a Beditation practice that we could use if we were struggling to sleep, unable to let go of worries about the past or anxieties about the future. The calm atmosphere in the class was enjoyed by all. The children have been very engaged with these sessions, and are getting used to the idea that mindfulness is about practising focusing and directing our attention – surprisingly hard work when you begin practising.

Phase came in with volunteers from the Priory School and Hitchin Boys School to talk our children through strategies for dealing with change. They taught the children the HOPE acronym – have questions; open up; (be) present); and emotions. The workshop built on their last visit where the children explored the full range of emotions we feel and learning about how these feelings are here to help us, and was very practical with lots of discussion, quizzes and fun activities.

In Computing, we put our spreadsheet skills to good use to generate bar charts in order to compare the gestation periods of different animals. Next week in Science we will look at our bar charts and see what patterns and conclusions we can draw from them.

In our set design unit in Art, we created staged scenes with blocks and props and explored the art of making shadows to help create drama, a second story or just cool shapes in an open space. Next week we will begin building our own set designs for Macbeth – we’re really looking forward to seeing what the children come up with!



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