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A Year 5 Class Post

Mixing Our Moves and Separating Mixtures

Apologies for the lateness of this post – I forgot to press publish last week!

A busy week as always in Year 5!


This week in Science we had another hands on session, exploring separating different mixtures made up of different combinations of solids and liquids. Understanding the properties of different materials helped us to separate them successfully. We practised a range of separating techniques – filtration, sieving, decanting and magnetic attraction. The children worked calmly, co-operatively and carefully and also recorded what they had done neatly in their books.



The children have continued to practise and develop their paired gymnastic routines incorporating counter balance and counter tension. They are also becoming very good at setting up and putting away the apparatus safely and efficiently.



In lesson 2 of our Typography and Maps project, the children created their own alphabets from cut paper before moving on to developing their own lettering from a range of materials. The children chose an onomatopoeic word to illustrate before finally arranging and sticking them down in their books. Hopefully they are enjoying their new found awareness of design all around them – typography is everywhere!



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