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A Year 5 Class Post

Morse code in WW2 and celebrating the Coronation!

Communication in WW2 Science workshop

Year 5 scientists were lucky enough to participate in a WW2 communication workshop run by HGS where we all learnt about how Morse code was and is a form of non-verbal communication through combining the history of WW2 with making simple electrical circuits and using light to communicate. Year 5 made their own simple circuits and used these to transfer Morse code messages around the classroom. It was so fun and interesting to practise creating morse code messages for our partner to decode! It was great pre-learning for next term when we learn about WW2 in History!

Coronation celebrations

Year 5 joined in on our whole school coronation day celebrations dressing up in Red, White or Blue. Year 5 made their own coronation crowns, wrote a coronation prayer in RE then learnt about the significance of the historic event and played quizzes in our classes. We also had a class picnic with our ERIC class.


Scottish art landscape

Linked to our study of Macbeth, this term in Art we will be creating a sculpture set in a Macbeth scene. Maple class started practising creating a charcoal Scottish landscape creating moody, dark landscapes of the heath!


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