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A Year 5 Class Post

Mountain model making and more!

Our highlight of week 6 learning was creating our own North American mountain on Friday. For home learning, we chose a North American mountain to research: Rocky mountain, Sierra Nevada or Alaska range. As geographers, we created our own 3D mountain using crepe paper, cardboard and newspaper we collected.

We had a lot of fun and the mountains turned our realistic and similar to the mountains! We even added the surrounding features such as greenery and lakes.

For English, we started our new explanation texts unit and interviewed reception children as part of our research to get their views and feelings on how school is for them because we will be writing an explanation text about school this week.

In PE we learnt about tag rugby and played a game with 5 defenders and 4 attackers. We learnt how to run and pass onto the wing and into space if you can. Some people forgot to touch the ball on the ground to score a try! But we are getting better all the time. One day some of us might be professional rugby players.

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