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A Reception Class Post

National Poetry Day

They Year 1 children arrived in school on Thursday 4th October to find a note from “The Poetry Fairy”.  As you can imagine, they were very excited to see what was inside.

To our surprise, here was a poem entitled Poppies for Remembrance waiting for us to read.  We have been learning a lot of History as part of our Let’s Remember topic, so we couldn’t wait to read it.  There was some fantastic imagery and brilliant similes that children heard and so as part of our English, we performed verses of the poem in groups to the rest of the class and then to the rest of Year 1 on Friday 5th October.

The children did a superb job using actions to help them remember the words, they spoke using the right tone and volume and made sure that they kept eye contact with the audience.  Below is a copy of the poem for you all to enjoy.Year 1 – Poppies for Remembrance

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