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A Year 5 Class Post

Olympic Hero Visit

We had an extremely exciting morning training with Daniel Lewis, Olympic Triple-Jump champion. The children  were able to show off their strength and determination by doing a circuit of exercises, including press-ups, spotty-dogs, star-jumps and leg-drives. Daniel Lewis himself was on hand to advise, support and energise the children through their gruelling work-out. Well done, Year 5, you were brilliant!

Later, there was a whole school assembly where we learned how Daniel had realised that by replacing his cartoon-watching and fast-food eating with training and adopting a healthy lifestyle, he eventually managed to triple-jump his way to an Olympic medal. The children were invited¬†to have a try at some of the exercises that he and the other athletes undertake as part of their training, and Amelie impressed us all with¬†the incredibly tough ‘super-Mario’ run.

“I thought it was really fun and the activities were challenging and exhausting. Daniel Lewis was really kind and was motivating us to carry on going. The music made it more exciting.” Daisy B

“I thought it was fun and exercising. It was good that there was music in the background.” Jake

“I enjoyed when Daniel Lewis signed my autograph. The hardest event was the leg-drives. I had lots of fun and it was both¬†energetic and tiring.” Holly

“I am glad that we practised it the week before!” Lily

“It was pushing my body to its highest limits.” Amelie

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