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A Year 5 Class Post

On your bikes

Maple class have been very excited about embarking on their Bikeability course this week.

Despite the cold, they have gone out and listened carefully to the safety advice, including how to wear their helmets correctly and ensuring their bicycles are an appropriate size for them, and are roadworthy.

Eagerly the class have started practising their new skills so that they can start to ride on the streets safely. In groups today, they were given their first chance with this as they left the school grounds and applied what they have already learned to a real-life environment.


“This is a very fun and enthusiastic course!” Kate

“We learnt how to react to the surprise of when something pulls out in front of you,” Elodie

“For starting, you put your right foot on the right pedal; if you do this to the left, you would be leaning to the cars. On the right, you would be leaning into the kerb. There is much more likely to be a risk of death if you do it incorrectly.” Jim

“It is fun that we get to learn to ride safely on the road.” Liam

“I’ve enjoyed learning how to use road signals,” Chloe



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