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A Year 5 Class Post

Outdoor Art

To take advantage of National Outdoor Classroom Day, Year 5 went out onto the field this morning to have an art lesson.

Armed with their sketch books and art pencils, the children positioned themselves  so that they could make accurate observational drawings of the landscapes or specific objects around them.

They were reminded to only draw what they could see, and to keep their eyes on the subject instead of looking down onto their page. This increased the overall accuracy and success of the artwork.

Some of the class preferred to have a go at Environmental Art, which is a concept based on work by Andy Goldsworthy, using natural objects within the immediate environment. Children worked collaboratively to produce some beautiful pieces, looking at how the shapes and colour relate to each other within the composition.

‘A Sticky Situation’


‘Flower of Life’


‘Flower Diamond’


‘The Golden Round’


“I observed the houses in my drawing. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, but when I smudged it, the picture really came together. Shading helped a lot to make it realistic.” Lydia

“Cerys and I did a project which is called Environmental Art. We thought of a flower, and named it ‘The Flower of Life.’ We did it colour coded. It took us a long time to do.”

“Today we went on the field: we did observational art. For my observational art, I started drawing the Year Sixes when they were sitting down, but when they went back indoors I had to stop drawing them because it wasn’t an observation anymore, so I started drawing a tree. After I had done that, I made an environmental art picture with Lily and Harry, and we called it The Golden Round.’ Aimee (‘The Golden Round is a reference to Macbeth – very impressive link! – Mrs Foster)

“We worked on an environmental den. At first we were trying to find sticks for a supporting structure like nature’s metal. We used sticky weed as rope to tie the tops together. We then started decorating. I didn’t really have an image of what it might look like to start, but it ended up quite well. It was pretty fun. We called it ‘A Sticky Situation’.” Callum

“I drew a picture of a small tree. At first, I made a few mistakes, but I eventually added them to the picture. I got a few ideas from other people’s work and the teachers gave me a few tips. I think the picture turned out looking quite good.” Ben

“I drew the school building. I used sketching and observation skills. I enjoyed drawing outside, I hope we do it again. ” Harvey

“We had to use our observation skills to see what was in front of us, not in our minds.” Grace

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