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PE, School Sport and Physical Activity Update – November

Physical Education

Early Years – We have continued our work on our core movement skills this month focusing on climbing, jumping, landing, throwing, balancing and partner work. We also incorporated Nursery Rhyme Week into our learning! We will be introducing ball skills in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.

Year 1 and 2

We have just completed our first unit of Ball Skills where we have focused on using our hands to bounce and catch, send and receive a ball, dribbling and combining skills into group activities.

We have just started our second unit of Ball Skills using our hands where our learning takes us towards underarm and overarm throws, aiming for targets and catching.

Years 3 – 6

In Key Stage 2 we have finished our learning on a Communication and Tactics unit where we have learnt about the importance of teamwork, leadership, communication and developing and applying tactics to different scenarios.

We have started a unit of Hockey which will take us towards the end of the term. Every child will then represent their house in the end of unit Intra-House tournament.

School Sport

We have now had 149 children represent the school in a sporting event since September! Well done to everyone who has had this opportunity so far you have shown a fantastic attitude and behaviour in doing so. I look forward to more children having the chance in the future months.


We have had friendly matches at Whitehill Junior School this month for our Year 5 and 6 teams as well as our Girls team.  They were very competitive games with lots excellent dribbling, passing and teamwork on show. Although some of the games were tough the children showed a lot of resilience to keep persevering and it was great to see some children represent the school for the first time in a football match.


We had two home fixtures with St.Andrews this month with both schools playing some excellent Netball. The children have worked really hard on their shooting in practice sessions and this was reflected in the matches with one of the games going into double figures for goals scored!


We had two teams entered in the North Herts School Sport Partnership (NHSSP) Boccia competition earlier in the month. We hadn’t entered before and were full of excitement on arrival to Knights Templar.

The children played brilliantly, transferring all of their skills from practice into 5th and 7th place finishes!

Table Tennis 

Our boys and girls table tennis teams took part in the NHSSP Table Tennis Tournament earlier in the month. After showing a lot of dedication to practice at lunchtimes we made the short trip to Hitchin Boys School full of anticipation.

All of the children played some fantastic table tennis and I am delighted to say were nominated as team of the day by the other schools in attendance for their teamwork, self-belief and respect! This was such amazing news to receive as we work very hard in our lessons and extra-curricular activities on the values that we can learn through PE and sport. Well done everyone!

The brilliant news didn’t finish there – after the group stages we went into the final playoffs. The girls could not be separated on games or points from their St.Thomas More counterparts so both teams shared 7th place!

The boys team made it through to the final and in a tense round of matches against Pixmore Junior school they won on points to finish in 1st place. That meant they made it through to represent North Herts at the county finals in Watford!

The standard was very high at the county finals and the boys performed very well resulting in an 8th place finish. 8th in the whole of Hertfordshire is a huge achievement and one to be very proud of. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs.McNish for her help and support at the event!

Physical Activity Enrichment 

Continues as we brave the colder weather but it is important to show that we can be active in a variety of ways regardless of the weather or the conditions around us. We have experienced den building, capture the flag, speed stacking and four square in the last few weeks amongst other activities.

Well done everyone – in a busy month you have shown enthusiasm, respect, resilience, teamwork and the ability to demonstrate the skills we are learning in a range of environments.

Thank you and keep up the good work!


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