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PE update

Daily Mile

Our first journey around the world comes to an end this week with the last day being Friday 11th December. The children have participated very enthusiastically in the Daily Mile come rain or shine and you should all be very proud of your efforts this term. Our first ever Daily Mile Class Champions will be announced before the Christmas break!


We are braving the elements for PE at the moment but that hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm or enjoyment!

Reception – have worked very hard at their Ball Skills using their hands this half term and did brilliantly to impress Mr.French and Mrs.Fisher at their attempt at the ‘bounce, clap and catch’ challenge.

In Years 1 and 2 we have been working on our ball skills using our feet and hands. We have learnt about the different ways we can manoeuvre a ball, the importance of accuracy and control and why it is important to learn different ways to keep possession of the ball and avoid an opponent.

In KS2 this half term our PE lessons with our class teacher have been from the Outdoor Adventure Activities unit and we have focused on developing and learning about our problem solving skills. In PE with Mr.Smith this half term we have participated in the Virtual Competitions organised by the North Herts School Sports Partnership. These have included Football (passing and agility), Boccia (snooker challenge), Archery (Years 5/6 individual and team) and Speed Stacking (3-3-3 individual/team and 3-6-3 individual/team). Over 5,000 children from the North Herts District have entered scores and our fantastic efforts have returned the following results:


Year 3/4 – 2nd Place

Year 5/6 – 1st Place

Inclusive KS2 – 3rd Place


Year 5 – Girls Individual – Esme P – 3rd Place/Boys Individual – Dexter – 3rd Place

Speed Stacking

Girls 3-3-3 IndividualĀ 

Year 3 – Jessica C – 2nd Place

Year 4 – Amelia – 2nd Place

Year 5 – Esme H – 3rd Place

Year 6 – Alexa – 2nd Place

Boys 3-3-3 IndividualĀ Ā 

Year 3 – Austin – 3rd Place

Year 4 – Luca M – 2nd Place

Year 5 – Thomas – 3rd Place

Year 6 – William H – 2nd Place

Girls 3-3-3 Team

Year 3 – 1st Place

Year 4 – 3rd Place

Year 6 – 2nd Place

Boys 3-3-3 Team

Year 3 – 2nd Place

Year 4 – 3rd Place

Year 6 – 2nd Place

Girls 3-6-3 Individual

Year 4 – 3rd Place

Boys 3-6-3 Individual

Year 4 – 3rd Place

Girls 3-6-3 Team

Year 4 – 3rd Place

Boys 3-6-3 Team

Year 4 – 3rd Place


Year 3/4 – 3rd Place

Year 5/6 – 1st Place

Well done to all of our children for their fantastic effort this half term, lots of hard work and rewards to show for it.




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