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PESSPA Update – June

We have a busy final half term ahead with a range of units being learnt in PE as well as clubs, fixtures, enrichment, Sports Week and Sports Day all to come!


EYFS – In Reception we have finished our Dance and movement to music work with a final paired performance with a partner. We have looked at sharing ideas, working together and how we put a sequence of moves together to perform to an audience. We will be moving onto running, jumping and throwing work as we build up to Sports Day in July!

Year 1 – Having completed our Jumping unit, we have started work on another Locomotion unit centred around Running. We have looked at running in different directions at different speeds and worked through how we use our bodies effectively when running.

Year 2 – We are finishing our Dance unit this week which has focused on the theme of Explorers. Children will be performing their final motif this week with a partner, to tell the story of their Explorer and Animal encounter. We will then be moving onto a Locomotion unit focusing on Dodging before putting some practice in for Sports Day.

Year 3 – Are working their way through a cricket unit currently and have been working hard at developing their overarm and underarm throws before applying these skills into game scenarios. Once we have completed our Cricket unit we will be moving on to an Athletics unit with a Running focus.

Year 4 – Are currently learning about Running for speed in an athletics unit. We have explored how we can use our bodies effectively when running as well as taking on a ‘Beat Bolt’ challenge. We will be looking at running for speed in the form of team Relay in the upcoming lessons.

Year 5 – Are working their way though a Rounders unit at present where we have been working on developing our fielding tactics and positions, as well as working on our responses when the batter misses the ball. We will be applying these skills into mini games in the upcoming lessons before moving onto Athletics.

Year 6 – Are also in the middle of a Rounders unit where we have been introduced to a full game of Rounders. We have been trying to maximise our fielding tactics as well as working on what happens if the batter misses the ball or hits it behind. Year 6 will also move onto an Athletics unit in the coming weeks.

Sports Week 

Next week (Monday 13th June) sees the return of our annual sports week! We have lots of exciting activities planned – keep an eye on the blog posts for photos!

Physical Activity

Enrichment continues on a Friday with a range of activities in June including Parachute Games, Scooters and Bikes, Dodgeball, Tri-Golf, Den-Building, Boccia, Archery and Handball.

School Sport

Following the busy end to the half term we have been back into clubs and fixtures this week (Monday 6th June).

A team of cricketers from Year 5 and 6 were victorious in a league match with Wymondley School on Tuesday. Some superb batting from our children saw us finish our innings with a score of 278-2. Some equally as good fielding and bowling meant we took the points as Wymondley finished with a score of 208-6.

On Thursday, two teams of girls from Years 5 and 6 travelled to St.Francis College in Letchworth for a series of friendly Rounders matches. It was great to see so many girls from different classes and year groups coming together to play a sport that we don’t usually play fixtures in outside of school. All of the girls played brilliantly with some great batting, fielding, bowling and catching along the way. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves – well done girls!

Well done everyone for a brilliant start to the half term!


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