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A Year 4 Class Post

Pine End of Term Post

Looking back over this half term, I am so proud of the children in Pine class and how they have adapted to coming back to school. We have had a wonderful first half term with so much brilliant learning going on. Here are some quotes from the children in the class about what they have particularly enjoyed this term.

One thing we all really enjoyed was making the night lights. ‘I liked making a switch and using batteries to make my own model’. Jacob Mayes. ‘Making the circuits was great fun and getting to decorate them was amazing.’ Freya Zarka.


We learnt about sound in science in the first half term. ‘I really enjoyed making an instrument for my black book homework. It was really fun doing our science experiment using our instruments.’ Oscar Asselin. ‘We learnt how to make our own instruments, about pitch, sound waves and what’s inside our ears.’ Charlie Entwisle.


In PE with Mrs Farnell we have focussed on problem solving and team work skills. ‘I enjoyed swinging from bench to bench using the ropes  – best PE lesson ever!’ Luke Shirley.


In art we looked at the painting Umbrellas by Renoir. ‘I enjoyed mixing colours to create my own umbrella.’ Stanley Johnson.  ‘I liked weaving different colours of wool to create my own umbrella because they looked really good at the end.’ Sachi Bayaneni. ‘I really enjoyed mixing the water colours to paint part of the lady’s dress’. Ellie Davis.


Well done Pine class for working so hard and adapting to the new way of working in school. Have a wonderful Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you in January. Mrs Farnell.

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