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A Year 3 Class Post

Plants experiment

In science, Ash class have been investigating what a plant needs to survive and grow.

We devised two fair tests and planned out the details before setting up the experiment. We decided to use cress seeds as we could quickly see any results.

One test examined how much light cress seeds need to grow; We put one petri dish of seeds in a dark cupboard, in another we put the seeds in the back of a dark cupboard that is opened regularly and the final petri dish with  seeds sat on the windowsill. Each petri dish was given the same amount of water daily.

The other test looked at how much water the cress seeds would need to grow; They were all placed on the windowsill, in one petri dish the seeds were given no water, in one petri dish the seeds were given some water and in the third dish the seeds were given lots of water.

We have been excited to watch them grow and keen to see the results. We will write up our findings during science on Thursday with Mrs Sewell.

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