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Positive about Negative Numbers!

Negative Numbers

This week in Maths we have started exploring negative numbers. We looked at real life examples involving the world around us, including changes over time to average temperatures in the Arctic and which animals live at different depths below sea level.

We also created our own fantastic department stores and planned some fabulous shopping trips riding the lifts up and down to pick up everything we needed.

In Art, our set designs are really coming along. As we wrap up our retelling of Macbeth in English, we also are bringing our 3D creations of the settings together. We have been combining our design, sketching, charcoal and sculptural skills together to create our flats (backgrounds) and cut outs (midground objects). We will put our finishing touches to our sculptures next week for a Year 5 exhibition.

In Science we began our exploration of pollination and the life cycle of flowers. We had a lot of fun finding the different parts of flowers labelled on our diagram in real flowers – what a fantastic array of colours, shapes and textures we found, alongside all the parts flowers need to share and receive pollen.

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