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Reception 2021 – Spring 1 Week 4

Spring 1 Week 4

Hello from Lilac and Willow.  We have really enjoyed our learning this week as we have continued in the theme of People and Places.

This Week

As part of our theme of People and Places, we have been finding out about places around the world this week.  We were very lucky to have a visitor come in and talk to Reception about life in the Czech Republic.  We found where it is on a map and the children were fascinated to hear some key phases in Czech and enjoyed practising to say them.  We heard about the Geography of the Czech Republic and that it has no sea or beaches, lots of lakes, rivers, mountains and forests and that it is very hot in the Summer and very cold in the Winter.  We also learnt that there are a large number of castles in the country which would have had kings and queens living in them in the past.

Thanks to another visitor, the children discovered which countries coffee beans come from and what they look like as they are grown and as they appear in the shops.  As Scientists we discovered that when coffee beans are heated up, they change colour.  As beans are heated for different lengths of time, different smells and tastes will develop.

We then spent some time looking at what a continent and in particular, we found out all about Europe with some help from the ‘Go Jetters’.  As Geographers, we used maps and globes to find Europe and research more information some of the countries in Europe and their famous landmarks.

The children discussed how they would travel to all of the different countries that we were learning about and decided that the best way was by aeroplane.  As Historians, we used photographs and paintings to help us understand how air travel has changed over time.  We talked about the similarities and differences between aeroplanes in the past and the ones of today.  As designers and engineers, we used what we had learnt about how aeroplanes have changed over time to help us make our own aeroplanes.  They were then challenged to also make a parachute that would enable to counting teddy bear to float down safely in the air.  The children came up with some great designs for both and really enjoyed being able to test their models outside afterwards.

Tuesday was a very special day for Scottish people.  The children heard about the famous Scottish writer Robert Burns and discovered many of the traditions people have when celebrating Burn’s Night.  The children spotted some similarities between Burn’s Night and other festivals they have previously learnt about.  They recognised the song Auld Lang Syne was also sung on New Year’s Eve and that people perform special dances in traditional tartan clothing just like on St. Andrew’s Day.  We also learnt that a traditional meal of haggis, neeps (swede) and tatties (potatoes) are enjoyed on Burn’s Night.

On Wednesday we were visited by a Police Officer.  The children got to see what uniform police officers wear and learn about all of the different equipment they use.  They were very excited to find out about all of the different aspects of being a police officer and asked some excellent questions.

In Phonics, we have been revisiting our previously learnt digraphs.  A digraph is where 2 letter shapes come together to make one sound.  As readers and writers, the children have continued to practise applying their phonic knowledge.  Well done Reception.

In Maths, we have been learning about the composition of numbers 6, 7 and 8.  As mathematicians, we were using the part-whole model and tens frame to help us explore the many different combinations of numbers that make 6, 7 and 8.

In Jigsaw (RSHE), we continued our learning about ‘Dreams and Goals’ by talking about the way we speak to others and how they might feel.  We shared a role play scenario with the children.  One person was being boastful about how good they were and then used unkind words to talk about their friend’s ability.  The children rightly recognised that this was not a good choice to make.  The children discussed how upset and sad they would feel if someone was unkind to them.  As a result, the children were able to give some excellent examples of kind and positive words and phrases that could be used instead.  The children remembered from their prior learning the importance of not giving up, and it was decided that we should use kind words to encourage and help each other.

Next Week

  • It is National Storytelling Week and we will be enjoying lots of story related activities.
  • We will be learning about the Lunar New Year and enjoying the Chinese legend of the ‘Great Race’.
  • We will discover what traditions people have when celebrating the New Year.
  • We will be learning the short oo (u) and ow sounds in Phonics as well as consolidating our previously learnt sounds in our reading and writing.
  • In Maths, we will be making pairs and learning how to combine 2 groups of objects as a form of addition.
  • In Talk for Writing, the children will create their own adapted versions of the story We’re going on a bear hunt.
  • In Jigsaw (RSHE), we will continue our learning about ‘Dreams and Goals’ and understand the link between what the children learn now at school and jobs they may like to do when they are older.

Supporting your child at home

  • Read three times this week and record in your child’s reading record.
  • When children have an idea they want to explain or carry out an action, encourage them to connect that idea or action to another one using a range of conjunctions. You can do this by narrating events and actions e.g. “I knew it must be cold outside because he was putting on his coat and hat.”
  • Model talk routines through the day. For example, arriving in school: “Good morning, how are you?” This will help your child learn to develop social phrases.
  • Help your child listen to and talk about stories as a way to build familiarity and understanding. For example, make asides commenting on what is happening in a story: “That looks dangerous – I’m sure they’re all going to fall off that broom!” or practise possible conversations between characters in imaginative play as a way of interacting and negotiating with people in longer conversations.

Any other information

  • READING INFORMATION SESSIONS – We look forward to seeing you at one of our Reading Information sessions on Thursday 3rd February. Please let us know whether you’re attending the 3:30pm or 7:00pm
  • RECEPTION, YEAR 2 & YEAR 6 PARENTS EVENING – Wednesday 9th March 5-8pm and Thursday 10th March 4-7pm. Information about booking will be sent soon, so please put the date in your diary.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Fisher and Mr French
Willow and Lilac Class Teachers.

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