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Reception 2021 Spring 2 Outcome

Thank you to everyone that came to our Outcome Evening on Wednesday 30th March. We hope you enjoyed having the chance to look at the amazing learning that has gone on in Reception and throughout the whole school during the term.

As part of our space topic, we designed and made junk models.  We worked as part of a pair and had to use turn taking, listening and speaking skills.  First we drew our designs.  Next we chose our resources and set about putting them together.  Then we had to select the best way of joining them.  Finally we added the finishing touches to our models.  They look out of this world!

As part of our small world play, the children developed their own moon surface.  They selected materials, joined them together and covered them using Paper Mache.  Once dry, the children then painted the model.  The finished moon surface provided lots of opportunities for story telling alongside characters and props.  We used different materials to create a 3D moon picture.  First we mixed foam, glue and paint together.  Then we painted onto sugar paper. Finally we used corks to create the craters.

We learnt that on the colour wheel some colours are hot and some colours are cold.  In our space topic, we looked at which planets were warm colours and which planets were cold, for example, Mars is a red warm colour and Neptune is a blue cold colour. We then looked at a painting by the artist Mondrian as inspiration and used our painting skills to create our own versions of his painting.

The children learnt about Saint David, the patron saint of Wales.  He told people about God in Wales.  We learnt that people remember Saint David’s Day by wearing daffodils or leeks.  The children learnt that Welsh people enjoy dancing, wearing special clothing, eating special food and having a parade.  We used our observation skills to create still life paintings of daffodils.  We also used our fine motor skills to carefully draw and paint what we saw.  We used colour mixing techniques to create different shades of yellow for our daffodils.  We chose a range of materials to create a collage of a daffodil.  We used our Geographical knowledge to find Wales on a map of the UK.  We looked at different landmarks in Wales and then carefully drew designs and worked together as teams to build them.

We learnt about Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  The children discovered that he was famous for becoming a priest and telling people about God in Ireland.  Irish people celebrate by dressing in green, joining parades, visiting church to pray, dressing as leprechauns, enjoying Irish music, dancing and eating food and drink.  We used colour mixing techniques to create different shades of green for our shamrocks.  We chose a range of materials to create a collage of a shamrock.  We created leprechauns using our fine motor skills to manipulate split pins.

What a brilliant term of learning we have had! Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in the Summer term.

Mrs Fisher and Mr French

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