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A Reception Class Post

Reception 2021 – Spring 2 Week 5

Hello from Lilac and Willow, we’ve had such a lovely week in Reception.

This week

We have continued our learning about Space by learning about the moon, asteroids and black holes.  The children learnt that the moon doesn’t create its own light, it reflects the light of the sun.  We also learnt that the moon is made up of rock and has lots of craters on its surface.  The children also had the opportunity to create 3D moon paintings.  We talked about asteroids and black holes.  The children enjoyed creating their own black hole images using warm and cold colours.

This week we also celebrated World Poetry Day.  The children read a poem called ‘Blast Off’ and we thought about the words in the poem and how they rhyme.

The children learnt about Mother’s Day and that it is a day to say thank you to our mothers for all that they do for us and we can show them how much we love them.  The children talked about how we give gifts to show how much we love them and they had the chance to make a gift at school (we hope you all enjoy them!).

In Phonics, we learnt the digraph ‘oi’ and enjoyed the Monster Phonics version of the story Rapunzel in which Tricky Witch and Yellow I helped Rapunzel escape the tall tower.  We also practised some new tricky words including play, day and away.

In Jigsaw, we discussed the importance of how to wash our hands and also when we wash our hands.

Next week

  • We will be learning about Easter, the Easter story, how people celebrate Easter and how it is celebrated around the world.
  • In Maths, we will consolidate learning and further develop our understanding of the different concepts we have learnt this term.
  • In talk for writing we are going to write our own versions of ‘On the way home’ by Jill Murphy.
  • In Phonics, we will be learning the trigraphs ‘ear’ and ‘ure.’
  • In Jigsaw we will be learning about what a stranger is and how to stay safe if a stranger approaches us.


Supporting your child at home

  • Encourage your child to talk about a problem and come up with ideas for how to solve it together.  This will support your child to use talk to help work out problems and organise their thinking.
  • Read books that contain photographs and pictures, for example places in different weather conditions and seasons.  This will help your child to engage with non-fiction books.
  • Provide opportunities to move that require quick changes of speed and direction, for example run around in a circle, stop, change direction, walk on your knees going the other way.  This will enable your child to combine different movement with ease and fluency.


Any other information

  • END OF TERM – School finishes on Friday 1st April at 2pm.
  • WARM WEATHER – In warm weather children will need a named sun hat. If appropriate, please apply long lasting sun cream before they arrive at school. Please can you make sure that a named water bottle is in school every day.
  • BOOK BORROWING – Thank you to those families who were able to attend the book borrowing session this week, the children really enjoyed choosing books. Please note that there will be NO BOOK BORROWING SESSION on FRIDAY 1st APRIL due to school finishing at 2pm. Please return the previously borrowed book by Thursday 31st
  • EASTER PERFORMANCE – Monday 28th March @ 2:45pm.
  • OUTCOME – On Wednesday 30th March 4:00-7:00pm, we would love to invite you to come to school and celebrate all of the children’s learning. It will be an opportunity for you to see what the children have been learning.


We hope you had a fun filled weekend.


Mrs Fisher and Mr French
Willow and Lilac Class Teachers


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