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A Reception Class Post

Reception Autumn 1, Week 3

Hello from Willow and Lilac Class!

Thank you to all the parents who came to the Parent’s Information evening last night. It was a great turn out. If you weren’t able to make it then we will be emailing out the slides and the information booklet will go home with your child next week.

The children have settled so well into full time school and we are starting to see many friendships blossom as the children get to know each other more. This week we have been focusing on personal, social and emotional skills and using our toys Millie and Max to demonstrate good and bad choices. The children have been great at explaining what the characters should do in these situations and we are seeing many children using what they have learnt in their interactions with their peers. We have also introduced the Zones of Regulation, which support children in identifying and articulating their emotions.

In Phonics, we introduced Phase 2 phonics to the children, following the Monster Phonics scheme. The children learnt the sounds; ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘p’. We learnt how they sound on their own and at the beginning of words and we also practiced spotting them in simple words such as ‘sit’, ‘tap’, ‘pat’. We learnt the high frequency words ‘as’, ‘a’ and ‘at’. We use the words ‘segment’, to break up a word into the sounds it makes and ‘blending’ when these sounds are blended back together to hear the word. For more information on how we teach phonics and reading, please come to our Early Reading information evening being held on October 3rd 6:30-7:30.

In Maths, we looked at grouping and matching objects and thought about what makes the items in a group the same and what rules there are for each group. For example, all the natural objects were brown in one group and not brown in another group.

Next week:

We will be continuing to support the children to explore the environment in different ways, we will be introducing the Characteristics of Effective Learning to the children though zoo characters. We will continue our Monster Phonics and introducing the letters ‘i’ and ‘n’. In maths we will be looking at comparing amounts.

You can help by:
-Ensuring all items of clothing, water bottles etc are named please
-Working with your child to help them practise taking their jumpers on and off independently and rolling up their sleeve for handwashing

-Continue to play games with your child to support their listening skills and hearing initial sounds in words; e.g ‘What sound can you hear at the beginning of ‘dog’?’

-Supporting with their oral blending of simple words such as ‘Can you put on your ‘c-oa-t?’

-You could also help you to sort socks into pairs.


Class blog:

As we continue throughout the year, we will use the Class Blog as a means of regular communication between school and home.  We will tell you about:

  1. What’s happened during each week
  2. What’s coming up
  3. Ideas about supporting your child at home
  4. Any other information you may need to know


Early Reading workshop 6:30-7:30 October 3rd 2023


Have a good weekend.


Mrs Murrell and Mrs Fisher


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