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A Reception Class Post

Reception – Autumn 1 Week 5

Hello from Lilac and Willow, what a fantastic week we’ve had!

This week:

We have spent this week thinking about the best ways to learn in Reception.  To help them the children have been introduced to some very important characters.  Each of these Mr Men and Little Miss characters are associated with one of the 9 characteristics of effective learning.  The children have had lots of opportunities this week to apply their new found learning.  All of the adults have been so impressed with how well the children are beginning to explain how they learn, keep it up!

In Phonics this week the children have been thinking about alliteration.  Alliteration is where the same letter or sound occurs at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.  To help the children with their understanding of alliteration we have been listening to lots of stories and rhymes listening carefully to the sounds at the beginning of words.  We have also been exploring how different sounds are articulated to help.

In Maths this week, we have been learning about classification.  Classification is where we group objects based on chosen criteria.  The children have really worked hard to build upon their prior learning about comparisons to help them group different objects.

We also enjoyed our very first PE lessons with Mr Smith this week.  The theme for our PE this term is called ‘Locomotion’ where the children will be thinking about ways of different ways of moving.  He was very impressed with how quickly the children picked up the new skills he demonstrated and also the good listening and attention the children showed throughout – well done!

Next week:

  • We will be reading the traditional tale The 3 Little Pigs.
  • In Phonics, we will be learning about different voice and speech sounds we can make.
  • In Maths, we will be learning about patterns.

Supporting your child at home:

  • Talk with your child about the Mr Men and Little Miss characters. Encourage them to think about the way we learn.
  • Listen out for the initial sounds in words. Play eye spy and see if your child can spot things that begin with a particular letter.
  • Encourage your child to group their toys in different ways. Can they explain to you what criteria they have used when sorting them into groups?

Any other information:

  • PARENT INFORMATION MEETINGS – Due to the current restrictions, this meeting would usually take place at school. Instead, we have uploaded a virtual meeting to the school website – Parent Information Meetings 2020
    Please watch the short introduction from the Headteacher Mrs Thomas first.
  • COATS & WATER BOTTLES – Please ensure that your child has a coat and water bottle in school every day.
  • PHONICS, READING, WRITING & MATHS – An information presentation will be available on the school website to explain how these subjects are taught at Samuel Lucas. More detail to follow shortly.
  • VIRTUAL PARENTS EVENING – Parents Evening will take place virtually this year. It is an important opportunity for us to share with you how your child has settled in during their first half term.  These will take place during the week beginning Monday 19th  Information about booking will be sent through Parentmail.

We hope you have a good week!

Mrs Fisher and Mr French
Willow and Lilac Class Teachers

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