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A Reception Class Post

Reception – Autumn Week 2

Hello from Lilac and Willow, what a busy week we’ve had in Reception.

This week:

The children are adapting really well to Reception and have shown that they have learnt so much to all of the adults.  We’re so proud and excited by all of the learning they have achieved.

We read the Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman this week.  In the book the children looked at all kinds of families and different aspects of home life.  We used the book to be reflective and think about our own families and how it is good to be me!

In Phonics we were looking at environmental sounds.  There were some interesting and exciting noises that most of the children recognised and some more unfamiliar ones as well.  The children demonstrated fantastic speaking and listening skills.

In maths we were using images and real life objects to help us make comparisons.  The children were very resourceful and made their own comparisons; by using vocabulary such as longer, shorter, bigger, smallest, heavy and light, throughout the whole learning environment.

In PE, the children went “driving” with Mr. Smith.  They all got in their cars and “drove” around the hall following instructions brilliantly.  All of the adults were so impressed by the care the children took of one another and how resilient they were to keep going with something brand new.

In Music with Mrs Footer, the children listened really well and were very quick to learn some call and response songs as well as songs with actions.  They concentrated so hard that they were able to try using their “thinking voices” when they were singing one particular song – well done Reception!

Next week:

Some of the highlights for next week are:

  • s, a, t, as part of Phonics
  • Classifying objects as part of Maths
  • Learning about being part of the Samuel Lucas School Family and the people who help us
  • We will become “bucketfillers” to help us feel happy every day

Any other information:

  • Tuesday 17th September @ 7pm – Parent’s Information Evening
  • PE on Thursday, changing shoes only at the moment.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Fisher and Mr French

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