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A Reception Class Post

Reception – Autumn Week 4

Hello from Lilac and Willow, what an enjoyable week we’ve had in Reception!

This week:

The children have consolidated their learning of s, a, t in Phonics whilst also learning some new sounds p, i, n.  Can they find any objects at the weekend that begin with any of our 6 initial sounds?  Why not ask them to practise writing with their “magic pencil” in the sky (using their fingers).

In Maths, we’ve been learning about patterns.  The children recognised that there are patterns everywhere, and a pattern can be made up of shapes, colours, numbers, actions, practically any sequence that repeats itself.  Why not ask them to see if they can spot any patterns or make you a pattern.

In PE, the children were incredible with their balancing.  Mr Smith saw lots of different examples of balancing and even challenged the children to see if they could balance and not let the beanbag drop of the floor. They did really well.

In Music, we got to use 5 different instruments today: maracas, tambourine, claves, wood block and a guiro.  Why not ask your children if they remember what sounds each instrument made?We also met some exciting people who have been helping the children to do their most effective learning:

Mr Brave (I will have a go), Mr Busy (I will join in and concentrate), Little Miss Curious (I play with what I know) and Mr Nosey (I enjoy finding out and exploring).  All the adults have been so impressed with how well the children are beginning to explain about how they learn, keep it up!

A BIG THANK YOU to Elmers for sharing with us for our first Talk Time, it was so good to hear about what makes you special and to see some of your lovely objects from home.

Next week:

We will meet the final 5 Mr Men and Little Miss characters that can help us be to effective learners:

  • Mr Clever (I have my own ideas)
  • Little Miss Brainy (I can make links in my learning)
  • Mr Bump (I keep trying)
  • Mr Adventure (I choose ways to do things)
  • Mr Happy (I am proud of what I do)

In Phonics we will be learning the following new sounds: d, m and g and in maths we will be learning different ways of counting.

Any other information:

  • SHARED READING – Starts THIS TUESDAY 1st October.  8.45 – 9.00am – families welcome to come share a book in class.
  • PUPIL CHOICE DINNER MENU – In your child’s book bag is a copy of the upcoming Dinner Menu.  It will start after half term wb Mon 4th November.
  • BAGS 2 SCHOOL – If you would like to make a donation to charity of any old clothing, there is information in your child’s book bag about this and a notice on the classroom noticeboard.
  • PE – Next Week PE will move to Friday 4th October as Mr Smith is out on a training course on Thursday.  We plan to get the children changed into their PE kits. Please could you practise with your children this week by taking jumpers on and off and doing and undoing buttons on shirts please in preparation for this (thank you in advance).
  • TALK TIME – Friday 4th October – ELMER

We hope you have a fun filled weekend whatever you get up to.

Mrs Fisher and Mr French

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