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Reception – Autumn Week 5

Hello from Lilac and Willow, what a pleasant week we’ve had in Reception!

This week:

The children have been learning the new sounds d, m and g in Phonics as well as using the sounds they’ve learnt previously to help them sound out words such as it (i-t), as (a-s) in (i-n) and is (i-s).

In maths, we’ve been learning about different ways numbers can be represented.  This is called subitising. You can see this in many real life objects for example the number of spots on a dice, or tally charts.  Why not ask your children if they can show you some different ways of representing numbers 1-5?

In PE the children were learning how to jump.  They were challenged by Mr Smith to make different types of jump, making sure to really bend their knees to help them do their best jumping.  To help them do this, the children were pretending to be like frogs jumping across a pond onto different lily pads.  Mr Smith has challenged the children to see if they can do lots of different jumps at home, in the garden, at the park (anywhere really!)

In music, we carried on using our 5 instruments from the previous week.  Our focus was to try and match the beat given to us by Mrs Footer.  They were also practising matching the pitch with Mrs Footer as she sang – well done everyone!

We also met the final 5 Mr Men and Little Miss characters that have helped the children to become effective learners: Mr Clever (I have my own ideas), Little Miss Brainy (I can make links in my learning), Mr Bump (I keep trying), Mr Adventure (I choose ways to do things) and Mr Happy (I am proud of what I do).  All of the adults in EYFS have been so inspired by the children for just how well they have been explaining their learning (with help from our Mr Men and Little Miss).

Next week:

  • EYFS will be all about the number 5!  We’ll be singing some familiar counting nursery rhymes (Five little speckled frogs, Five current buns, Five little monkeys, Five little men in a flying saucer, Five little ducks went swimming one day)
  • We will be reading the book ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae.  We will be talking about the amazing things your children can already do, and help the children to think about the things that they can’t do….YET!We’ll be thinking about those things they can’t do…YET and talking about the things that will help them to get there.  For example, if they play in the playdough to make their fingers strong, they will soon be able to hold their pencil to form letters.
  • In Phonics we will be learning the following sounds: o, c and k and continuing to use the previous sounds we’ve learnt to help us with our reading.

Any of information:

  • EFYS PHONICS AND MATHS INFORMATION EVENING – Tuesday 8th October 6.30pm-7:15pm.  We’ll share with how reading, writing and maths is taught in order to help you support your children further
  • READING BOOKS – Please could you make sure that your child’s reading book is in school everyday.
  • JUNK MODELLING – Throughout the whole year, we would very much appreciate any of the following items as donations: cereal boxes or other food packaging, kitchen roll tubes, egg boxes, offcuts of material/wrapping paper or any similar items.  Please could we not have: any packaging that has housed nuts, toilet roll tubes, dairy packaging such as milk cartons and packages that contained medicines or first aid items.
  • TAPESTRY – We have started using Tapestry in school, however as it is a new system and we are getting used to it, we will continue to trial it in school and will be sending you a secure link to activate your account within the next fortnight.
  • WEATHER – As we’re moving from Summer to Autumn, please could you ensure that your child has a coat in school as we will be using our outdoor learning environment everyday.
  • READING STICKERS – From wb 7th October, we will be looking to give out reading stickers to celebrate those children who have read at least 3 times in a week. We will be looking for a comment each time your child has read.  Comments can be about: whether your child enjoyed the book, the story that they’ve created, how the characters might be feeling, any experiences the children have had related to the story.  If you have a concerns, please come and speak to one of the adults

We hope you have a brilliant weekend.

Mrs Fisher and Mr French

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