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Reception – Autumn Week 7

Hello from Lilac and Willow, what a busy week we’ve had in reception!

This week:

In phonics, we have learnt the sounds “e”, “u” and “ck”. We found that the “ck” sound is found at the end of words, not the beginning!  We also helped our phonics puppets (Squeaky Mouse in Willow and Charlie Rabbit in Lilac) to sound out and blend words as well as hear the initial sounds in words. They were very grateful.  Why not play eye spy with your child this week? Can they find something beginning with u? When you’re writing your shopping list this week could your child help you? Do you need some j-a-m? Ask your child to tell you the sounds you need to write on your list.

In maths we used lots of mathematical language such as more than, equal to and less than to help us understand numbers and their place value.  We also compared identical and non-identical objects to help us understand this as well.  Why not ask your child some maths questions over dinner (Who has more peas?  Who has less broccoli?)

Next week:

  • In Willow Class and Lilac Class will be celebrating Harvest.  We will be having our own mini Harvest festival, singing ‘Oats and Beans and Barley grows’ and ‘The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ .  We will also be enjoying the story of the Enormous Turnip!
  • We will be talking about Autumn. We will be discussing all the things that we notice in the world around us that tell us what season it is. For example brown leaves on the ground, the weather getting colder and people wearing coats, hats and gloves.  As you’re out and about it this coming week, it would be lovely if you could talk about what clues you see that tell you we’re in Autumn?
  • We will be reading the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and using lots of positional language such as over, under, on top, behind and through.
  • In Phonics, we will be recapping all of the sounds we have learnt so far and practicing putting them together to read and write CVC words.
  • In maths, we will be learning about 1 more and 1 less.

Any other information:

  • PARENT INFORMATION PACK – You should have all received the Parent Information pack in your child’s book bag today. Inside your child’s reading record we’ve given you details on how to log onto bug club. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask us.
  • TAPESTRY – Look out for your invitation to log into Tapestry which will arrive in your inbox next week.
  • TOYS FROM HOME – Please can you support your children in remembering to leave home toys at home. We have plenty of toys to play with at school!
  • INDIVIDUAL READING – For us to support your children’s next steps in reading we will be working with them on a 1:1 basis focusing on the letters and sounds we have been learning this term. This will replace individual reading, however we will still change each child’s book so that you have fresh books to enjoy over half term. You can always visit bug club to supplement the school reading books.
  • PARENTS EVENING – We are looking forward to sharing with you how your children have settled into Reception on Monday 5-8pm and Tuesday 4-7pm.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Fisher and Mr French

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