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A Reception Class Post

Reception, Spring 1, Week 4

Hello Reception,

What a fun week we’ve had in Willow and Lilac class this week! We have continued our ‘Once upon a time’ topic and our story of the week has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have linked our previous learning about materials to thinking about what materials are suitable and strong enough for making furniture. We’ve been working in pairs to develop our collaborative discussions and to make a new chair for Baby Bear. We’ve learnt about different types of bears and their natural habitats look like. We’ve been creative and made our own bear habitats using various media. And we finished the week by tasting porridge and choosing our favourite toppings! Lots of the children agreed that the porridge was ‘just right!’ and ate it all up!

Each class carried out an ice experiment this week, based on the children’s interests from the cold weather. Willow class thought about how to stop the ice from melting and Lilac class predicted and then tested out how long each method would take to get the ice cubes to melt. The children had some excellent ideas about this and drew some articulate conclusions.

In Phonics, we have been learning the short oo (u) and ow sounds in Phonics as well as consolidating our previously learnt sounds in our reading and writing. A digraph is where 2 letter shapes come together to make one sound.  As readers and writers, the children have continued to practise applying their phonic knowledge.  Well done Reception!

In Maths, we have been learning about the composition of numbers 6, 7 and 8.  As mathematicians, we were using the part-whole model and tens frame to help us explore the many different combinations of numbers that make 6, 7 and 8.

Next Week

  • Our focus story will be The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we will be doing lots of learning about bridges and linking back to our learning on materials
  • In Maths, we will be making pairs and learning how to combine 2 groups of objects as a form of addition.
  • In Talk for Writing, we will continue to get to know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears really well and then make up our own version

Supporting your child at home

  • Help your child to become really familiar with Goldilocks and the Three Bears and encourage them to make their own versions up, changing the characters or the setting but keeping the sequence the same and encouraging them to say repeated refrains such as; ‘Who’s been eating my porridge?’, ‘Who’s been sitting in my chair?’ and ‘Who’s been sleeping in my bed?’
  • Read three times this week and record in your child’s reading record. Please encourage your child to read back the sentence once they have segmented and blended each word
  • Complete week 4 of the reading challenge
  • When children have an idea they want to explain or carry out an action, encourage them to connect that idea or action to another one using a range of conjunctions. You can do this by narrating events and actions e.g. “I knew it must be cold outside because he was putting on his coat and hat.”
  • Model talk routines through the day. For example, arriving in school: “Good morning, how are you?” This will help your child learn to develop social phrases


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