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Reception Spring 1, Week 5

Hello from Reception. What a fun week we’ve had this week! We have continued our learning about different countries and this week we have focused on places that have a cold climate. Our book of the week has been One Day on Our Blue Planet In the Antarctic by Ella Bailey which is one of the books we’ve bought from Next Page Books on our weekly trip. We have learnt about the difference between Antarctica and the Arctic and the animals that live there. We’ve talked about different habitats and how animals are suited to their habitat.

We’ve had two parents in to talk about different countries. One parent spoke about living in Vancouver and the other spoke about travelling all around Europe. Thank you to both parents who came into school this week and for all the parents who have volunteered their time so far. The children have really benefitted from hearing real life experiences.

In Phonics, we’ve learnt the new digraphs ‘ur’ as in ‘burn’ and ‘ee’ as in ‘feel’. We have continued to practise putting these digraphs into words for writing and we have continued to practise writing simple sentences. Please keep practising the tricky words at home, it really helps the children when they can read these by sight.

In Maths, we have been learning to double and we have looked at odd and even numbers.

Next week, we continue with our People and Places topic learning, with a focus on Chinese New Year. We will also be learning about Shrove Tuesday and Valentines Day.

In Phonics next week we will be learning the digraphs ‘ai’ and ‘or’ and tricky words; See, going, just, have, it’s, do, so.

In Maths, we will be learning about length, height and time.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Fisher and


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