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A Reception Class Post

Reception Spring 1, Week 6

Hello Willow and Lilac parents,

We would like to say a big THANKYOU to all the parents for your continued support this half term. From taking part in the reading challenge, uploading photographs to Tapestry, giving our Book Buddies a loving home for the weekend, attending our reading crafts afternoon and dressing your children in some fantastic costumes for our ball, we very much appreciate the effort you all go to!

What a wonderful week we’ve had! This week at school has been Feeling Good Week. The children were given the opportunity to undertake some new activities at school. Reception took part enthusiastically in their Street Dance session where the children learnt some new dance moves. We then had a visit from Ark Farm on Tuesday, where we learnt about sheep, pigs, rabbits, goats and dogs. The children had the opportunity to stroke the animals and talk about their experiences. Many thanks to Mrs Hull for arranging these sessions.

We finished our ‘once upon a time’ topic in style with Cinderella’s ball today. The children all looked fabulous. We had a banquet for for a king, followed by dancing, including the waltz, where the children had to dance in partners and remember the steps.




Well done to all the children who managed to complete all five activities of the reading challenge. The children were awarded their certificates today, all children who took part got a sticker.

In phonics this week, the children were learning the diagraphs ai and or.  A digraph is where 2 letters come together to make one sound.  The children have continued working hard to apply their phonic knowledge in their reading and their writing.  This week we have focussed on how best to write a sentence by following these steps:

  • Say the sentence aloud.
  • Count how many words are in your sentence.
  • Say the first word aloud. Listen to how many sounds are in the word. Write down the sounds you can hear.
  • Leave a finger space and repeat with the rest of the sentence.
  • Read the sentence back and make any corrections.

In Maths, the children learnt vocabulary to compare height and length and also started to learn about the days of the week as a sequence for telling the time. To help us learn the days of the week we heard the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth. In the story Jasper plants a bean. He waits for it to grow into a bean stalk all week. How long will he have to wait before he can start looking for giants?

Supporting your child at home

  • Read three times a week and record this in your child’s reading record.
  • Read aloud books to your child that will extend their knowledge of the world and illustrate a current topic. This will help your child to engage with non-fiction books.
  • Provide opportunities for children to tell each other about their work and play. Help them reflect and self-evaluate their own work. This will support your child to show resilience and perseverance in the face of a challenge.


Next Half term

Our topic will be ‘What People Do all Day.’ We have got lots of parents coming in to talk about their jobs, thank you to those parents who volunteered. We have lots of lovely activities planned, related to the jobs that we will be learning about.

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