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A Reception Class Post

Reception Spring 2, Week 1.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to attend our reading craft afternoon. It was so lovely to see so many of you getting involved with the story telling. The children were all engaged and looked like they were enjoying themselves.

This week in school, we have begun our traditional tales topic, starting off with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have been doing lots of learning around the story, including re-telling it using small world toys, learning about bears from around the world and their habitats, and writing about what the characters might have said, such as; ‘it is too hot.’ We have also welcomed Spring this week and have been looking for signs in our outdoor environment. We have made the most of the wet weather by mixing powder paint in the puddles!

In Phonics, the children have been recapping some of the harder digraphs from last term, including th, sh, ch, ur, ai, ur, ee, oo and ow. We have been practising putting them into words and sentences.

In maths, we have been practising using a part, whole model and thinking about what the missing part could be to make the whole. For example; if the whole is 6 and we have a part that is 2 then the other part must be 4 because 4 and 2 make 6. The children have learnt to say the equations as a ; ‘2 is a part, 4 is a part and the whole is 6.’


Next week

We will continue our traditional tales topic and our focus book will be The Three Little Pigs. We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday and the children can come in dressed as a character from their favourite story. We will have lots of storytelling activities for the children.

In phonics we will be learning the digraphs oa and er and the tricky words come, some, were, one. 

In maths, we will continue practising using the part, whole model and finding the missing parts in other ways.


Have a lovely, restful weekend!


Mrs Fisher and Mrs Murrell

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