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A Reception Class Post

Reception – Spring Week 4

Hello from Lilac and Willow, what an enjoyable week we’ve had!

This week:

We have been finding out all about sea creatures and learning about what life is like under the sea.  The children discovered that there are many similarities and differences between the sea creatures we learnt about.  We went on a journey diving deep into the sea and used our imaginations to think about we might see and what it might feel like to swim with the animals.  Can your child name any of the animals that learnt about and share any facts they remember about it?

In maths, the children enjoyed reading the counting story ‘One is a snail, ten is a crab’.  The children used their counting skills to look at the number of legs each animal has.  As the week went on, the children used their counting and adding skills to help solve the following problem: “A fisherman catches some animals in a net.  He counts 10 legs.  Which animals did he see?”  Not only did the children use their counting skills, they were able to use their reasoning skills to explain how they arrived at the answer they got.  See if your child can solve this problem?:

The queen has 3 jewels and the king has 5 jewels.  How many do they have altogether?  (If they want to draw the problem to help them solve it then please feel free to encourage them)

In PE the children continued to perform their jungle animal dance routine and are getting better as each week passes.  As a treat for Mr Smith, the children wanted to show him a dance routine as sea creatures to the tune of ‘Under the sea’ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.  Why not ask your child to perform the sea creature dance for you?

The children brought some very special friends in to school with them on Friday to raise money for the Australian Bush fire relief.  As part of our Whyday Friday, we asked the children ‘Why did you bring that particular cuddly toy to school?’.  The children spoke brilliantly to explain to us why each teddy was special to them.  We also spent the rest of the Whyday Friday having lots of teddy related fun including bringing our teddy bears to “teddy school”.  Thank you for your generosity with your donations, the school council will share the final total once all monies have been counted.

Next week:

  • Continuing our theme of Dear Zoo, we will see if the children can answer the following question: If the zoo sent us an egg, what animal might it be?
  • In maths, we will be learning all about estimation and comparing amounts using the vocabulary more or less.
  • In phonics, we will be learning the new sounds oi and ear.

Any other information:

  • MUD KITCHEN & STAGE AREA – The children absolutely love using our mud kitchen (as you can probably tell by their clothes).  We would really appreciate any second hand saucepans, pots or kitchen utensils such as mashers, ladles and large spoons so that more children can access this area throughout the day.  If we have enough, we would also like to create an area by our outdoor stage full of homemade percussion instruments.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • TAPESTRY – Thank you to those of you who have been able to share observations of your children from home.  If you haven’t be able to share any observations as yet, please consider posting an observation to your child’s learning journal.  It can be an experience you’ve had or some learning that your child has demonstrated at home.  If you’d like any advice about Tapestry, please speak to your child’s teacher.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Fisher and Mr French.

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