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A Reception Class Post

Reception – Spring Week 6

Hello from Lilac and Willow, we have certainly had a fun week!

This week:

As part of Feeling Good Week, the children were talking about things that make them feel good and what they can do to help when they don’t feel so good.  The children spent time during the week talking about things that make them feel good.  We asked questions such as: What do you like to do? Who do like to spend time with? What cheers you up?  What makes you feel calm when you feel upset?  The children were able to explain their answers very well and demonstrated good listening skills when other children were talking.  We also spoke about the fact that we can feel a whole range of feelings, but we have to think carefully about the way that we behave when we feel different ways.  To help the children with this, we shared different scenarios that may happen at home or in school, i.e. if someone snatches a toy from you, if someone says you can’t join in a game, if someone pushes into the line etc.  The children spent time talking together and coming up with ways that they could deal with these scenarios, with some fantastic suggestions.  The children were introduced to the Five Point Scale, a tool that they can use to help them with their feelings and what steps we could take to feel better.


On Tuesday, the children were talking about how they can keep themselves safe online as part of Internet Safety Day.  The children heard the story of Smartie the penguin and found out about some strange things that happened to him when he was using different technology.  The children thought that the advice Smartie was given was very helpful and it is something they could use themselves to stay safe online.

In maths, we were finding out about money, including recognising the different coins and how to make different amounts.  Can your child answer the following questions about money: If your child has 10p, what items could you buy from the selection below?  Could you buy more than 1 item? How much would they cost altogether?

On Thursday Ark Farm came to visit the children to help bring together our topic all about the story Dear Zoo.  The children met several rabbits, guinea pigs, a hen, a cockerel, a tortoise, a sugar glider and a dog.  The children really enjoyed learning many interesting facts about these different animals and were able to asks lots of questions to the farm staff.  See if your child can remember any facts or information about our visiting animals and challenge them to use their phonics to write a simple sentence, i.e. rabbits can hop.

To finish our week, the children spent the day thinking about Valentine’s Day and had the opportunity to find out about how and why people celebrate it.

Next half term:

We will be learning all about Spring time.

Any other information:

  • TAPESTRY – Thank you to those who have shared with us what you and your children get up to at home. Please continue sharing any observations/events through tapestry to help contribute to your child’s learning journal.


We hope you have a fantastic half term!

Mrs Fisher and Mr French

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