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A Reception Class Post

Reception Summer 2, Week 4

Hello from Lilac and Willow, what a busy week we had in Reception last week.

Last Week

We started the week with a school trip, travelling by coach to Shuttleworth. It was a very successful trip and the children were very well behaved. We are proud that they represented Samuel Lucas in this way. We got to see the collection of old planes, bicycles, gliders, buses, carriages and other forms of transport. The children had the opportunity to try on various helmets and hats and matched them to the vehicle that they would have been used for. We got to see a helicopter take off and we all had a ride on a bus that was 102 years old. The children were able to make links between their learning that they have been doing in school this year, comparing old and new and different types of materials. The guides we had around the collection were impressed with the questions and answers the children had. Well done reception. What a lovely first school trip you had.

On Tuesday we took part in Sports Day, the children were all fantastic and tried their best in all the activities and running races. Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us and well done to those who took part in the races! It was a great effort all round!


In Phonics this week, we heard the Monster Phonics version of The Enormous Turnip.  The children used the story to look at clusters of sounds including ‘str’ in strap and ‘scr’ in scratch.  We also continued to use the story to look at compound words.  A compound word is when two smaller words are put together to make a larger word.


In Maths we practised and consolidated the skills we’ve learnt so far this year by problem solving. We used three stories, ‘Harry and His Bucket Fully of Dinosaurs’, ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ and ‘How Many Legs’, to help us practise our problem solving using adding and subtracting.


This week

This week we will continue with our transport topic and we will be focusing on space travel. We will look at hot and cold planets and link this to our art work on Mondrian.

In Maths we will be revisiting skills we have learnt this year and applying them to problem solving, including doubling, adding, patterns and following a route.

In Phonics we will reading the Monster Phonics version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears and applying reading and writing skills we have learnt this year.

We are also having discussions about transition and the year one teachers will be popping down to say hello and to read a story to the children.


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