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A Year 6 Class Post

Red Nose Day in Year 6!



We have had a great day raising money for Comic Relief in both classes. I was astonished that every single person in Spruce managed to remain silent for an hour during the first of our sponsored activities! The children took it seriously and busied themselves with an activity of their choosing; you could have heard a pin drop! The reason why  Spruce chose this was that the boy from the Comic Relief video – Ethan – is not able to speak. Well done all round!

We also held an art show where children had the chance to buy each other’s work. It was great to see what they had been up to at home; we have some real talent!

In Beech, the children completed an obstacle course which included an agility ladder, jumping into hoops, hopping over benches, bouncing a tennis ball on a racket whilst turning in a circle and, finally, dribbling a football around cones to score a goal.

It was great to see children from both classes wearing something different and engaging so well in the activities.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this worthy cause. I’m sure you will find out our whole school total very soon .We are looking forward to  science week, pizza making and Easter activities next week.



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