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A Year 4 Class Post

Riddle Me This!

Larch Class have thoroughly enjoyed reading and guessing riddles this week and within 2 days, even managed to produce our own!

So here are a few examples written by Larch pupils to solve over the weekend! Answers on a postcard and send along to Larch class.

We would welcome some to solve too!


What am I?

I like freezing cold temperatures,

If you mould me I look different.

You can find me in the clouds,

I swirl around and around…

What am I?


What am I?

I’m pink and beefy,

My friends are teeth.

I move when you eat.

I dislike being bitten and I like cold water.

What am I?


What am I?

If you look at me you may see through,

I like the soothing rain massaging my flat top.

My solid roof may be moved by pesky skates gliding across me.

I sometimes glimmer when the angle is right,

I can live in many places,

a road, a hill or mountain traces.

What am I?



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