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A Year 6 Class Post

Science experiences

This week as Scientists, we were lucky to be joined by Mr Derrett from Hitchin Girls School for a session learning about the Heart.   His charismatic teaching style really helped to  enthuse pupils for this topic. We reviewed our previous knowledge of the heart as well as understanding how the blood travels around the body to oxygenate the heart.  We were able to re-enact this on the playground which pupils really enjoyed.  


We were so proud of the maturity of our pupils throughout the course of the morning as well as the questions they asked to Mr Derrett throughout the session.  We have had three additional science sessions in Year 6 and the children have thoroughly enjoyed these science experiences. 


As Historians this week, we have explored how World War II started and had the chance to vote in our pretend Houses of Parliament about what changes should have been stopped much earlier. 


As Artists, we have explored Activism and have begun planning posters for a message that is important to us – there have been some very important ideas shared.   


As Geographers we have started our topic learning about biomes. We have explored what life would be like in the desert and have created job advertisements to persuade people to come and work in the desert.  We also didn’t miss a spelling opportunity to discuss dessert or desert spellings.  


We have been proud as always of the hard work shown from all our pupils in year 6 this week. We hope you have a great bank holiday weekend. 


Mrs Reed and Mr Burgess.



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