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A Year 5 Class Post

Science week 2020: Our diverse planet

For Science week this year, our theme is exploring our amazing, diverse planet!

Year 5 scientists have investigated how diverse people are by finding out if we are supertasters, non-tasters or tasters. This was done by using staining our tongue with blue food dye so that the big, pink bumps called Fungiform Papillae shows up for our group members to count. We discovered if you have 11 or more Fungiform Papillae, you are a supertaster! Supertasters are more sensitive to bitter taste.  We ensured we maintained and practised hygienic procedures during the investigation like washing our hands, using antibacterial spray after the experiment and only using the cotton bud once before disposal!

We produced our own results recordings and came up with big questions to further our investigation!

Today, we have taken a trip to the extreme destination Antarctica to investigate which materials insulate heat the best! From our findings, we then designed a jacket that would be suitable for anyone travelling to Antarctica.

It has been a great start to science week!

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