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A Year 4 Class Post

Science Week!

Last week, we took part in British Science Week through linking as many subjects as we could to Science. Over the course of the week, we thought about the different science-based skills we had applied in order to immerse ourselves fully in the Science theme. For example, we used our measuring skills to ensure we had equal amounts of liquids and powders for fair testing with solutions during our Pollution Solution experiment. We also relied heavily on our observation, identification and classification skills to determine the effectiveness of a Micro-plastic experiment as well as to understand and record our findings.

Many of us were surprised to find out new information that relates to the real-life world around us and some have even changed the way we view things after researching the impacts of electric cars and micro-plastics. All these skills were used to help us form our own hypotheses and evaluations of our learning; when a few of us found our predictions were incorrect we learned that, sometimes, this is better because it shows how our learning has progressed.


Please see photos of some of the learning we completed last week;

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