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A Year 2 Class Post

Science week fun!

Year 2 Scientists have thoroughly enjoyed Science week this week learning facts about time, the first clocks, thining and discussing what life would be like if we did not have clocks. This year’s theme is Time so we spent TIME investigating whether the size of a paper water lily affected how long it took to open up in water. We loved creating, decorating and then placing our water lillies in water to observe the magic. Why do the lillies open up?

Paper is a thin material and is not waterproof. It absorbs water. The paper swells up and the petals of the paper flower straighten up (open up), just like if you put water  on a wilted flower, most times its petals will open up again!

We also did an investigation about Jelly setting to answer the big question of: Jellies sets over time, but can different methods for preparing it slow that process down?

We loved making our own jelly mixture and choosing fruit to cut up in put into jelly and predicting which fruit would set the fastest or slowest.

As mathematicians, we have been busy learning about length and measurements of length. We learnt how to measure length in cm and m and measured different small and big objects using our 15cm, 30cm, metre sticks and even a trundle wheel on the playground. We practised using our problem solving skills to apply all of our length and measurement learning with adding and subtracting to answer worded problems.







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