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A Year 3 Class Post

Science Week in Year 3


This week we have loved the opportunity to participate in British Science Week and to be really thinking about the different skills needed to be a good scientist. We have carried out some exciting science investigations.

CHANGING APPLES: We  will delved into the the world of apple varieties, using our senses to describe the apples’ appearances and textures, and even taste them! We have set up an experiment to observe and changes in the apple cores over time and will be documenting these changes through observational. scientific drawings and descriptions.

WATERLILIES: We were amazed to observe how a folded paper waterlily will open its petals when it is floated on water. We wondered whether this would work with other liquids so we set up a fair test to explore this question. We used a range of scientific skills for this investigation: setting up fair tests, accurate recording of time, close observation and drawing conclusions from data gathered. Can you tell what liquids we investigated from the photos below?  Look for the bubbles!

We have also spent some time this week finding out about a really inspiring STEM individual – Kiara Nirghin. She is a young South African woman who, at the age of 16, showed the world how STEM skills can solve big global problems.

You can find out more about her here:


We have had a great Science week and this will roll into next week as we continue to make our observations of changes in the apple cores.



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