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A Year 2 Class Post

Science Week

Oak Class have been exploring and discovering all week as part of our (slightly early) British Science Week.

In our first investigation, the children used Skittles to learn all about dissolving and diffusing.  We saw some funky goings on with the colours in our petri dishes!

Investigation number 2 was all about Physics.  The children used K’nex to find the best way to build a model that could transport tomatoes down a ramp safely without any of them getting squashed.

Oak Class then used Lego as part of investigation 3 to discover what is needed to make a structure that is strong enough to be load bearing (picture a mini London Bridge if you will).

For our penultimate investigation, we used puppy training pads, felt, cotton and nylon to consider how we could solve the problem – What material would be best for a nappy that an astronaut can use whilst carrying out a space walk? (I’m sure it’s something you’ve wondered about yourselves for many years!)

Our last investigation of British Science Week involved the class making straw rockets to examine what happens when air is blown into a straw – the results were great!

The children have all shown lots of fantastic enquiry skills by asking lots of questions, making predictions and drawing conclusions from their investigations.  I look forward to seeing what investigations they’ve carried out as part of their Home Learning this week.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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