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A Year 6 Class Post

Sid Sloane at Samuel Lucas!

On Tuesday 1st May we were really fortunate to welcome Sid Sloane to Samuel Lucas. We had already practised his dance routine together on Monday but the “Live” version with Sid on vocals was even better! The younger children responded warmly to his story-telling and energetic style. Sid’s inspirational talk to Upper Key Stage 2 was perfect at this time of year; his personal story was, again, highly motivating and thought-provoking. It was a pleasure to spend time with Sid and he has our best wishes.

Below is a copy of how Sid himself viewed his time with us.

“Day 2 of Children’s Activities Week tour, and I’m in Luton and Hitchin.  I’ve had a fantastic day today visiting lots of different activity centres and Samuel Lucas school.  They’re very good school with very focused individuals, who run the school and great kids.  The Year 6 teacher Rob Burgess is like a big brother!  He’s really keen on helping the kids to get the most out of themselves, and I was honoured to be asked to go in and give a motivational talk to the Y5 and Y6 students who are about to sit their SATs in a couple of weeks time.  I was asked to particularly speak to them about keeping things in perspective and so I gave them a motivational talk around how to plan and how to keep perspective and to maintain their bodies in a really healthy way with exercise, eating healthily and drinking lots of water.


I also had a fun session and story reading with the reception and year 2 and 3 children.  That was lots of fun!  They all joined in.  I had the opportunity to perform the Copy Sid song, which they had done the day before via the You Tube video as part of the record attempt,  which they really enjoyed.  I also read the Gruffalo’s Child, which I have not read before – what a great book!


I do hope I get chance to revisit Samuel Lucas – it would be great to see the children benefit from one of my motivational workshops. I had a really good time in the school.  You can tell its a happy school –  I don’t know what their Ofsted is but I’ll be surprised if it wasn’t Outstanding!  Hope to see you all again very soon!”


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