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A Sports Class Post

Sports Day 2021

Our Sports Day events took place across two days last week (Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th July). All of the children competed to represent their house team – Murray, Pendleton, McArthur, Brownlee, Simmonds or Farah.

We have been working incredibly hard in PE to develop and improve our skills this year and with this in mind the carousel of activities were designed to provide the children with the opportunity to display what they have learnt. We also included some traditional athletics/sports day activities which gave us a really nice mix of skills and events.

Children are timed at their activity to score as many points as they can. Competing at a station doesn’t just provide the task of demonstrating our physical skills to score points but to also display other important values and qualities such as teamwork, respect, resilience, determination and self-belief.

Key Stage 2

Years 5 and 6 competed on the Tuesday morning with Years 3 and 4 on the Wednesday morning (the house relay took place on Wednesday afternoon).

The carousel activities were as follows: Cricket Bowling, Javelin, Basketball Passing, Racket Skills, Agility Run, Archery and Skills Obstacle Course.  All classes then competed in the house relay race on the track.


Early Years and Key Stage 1

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 participated in their carousel of activities on Tuesday afternoon before returning on Wednesday afternoon to take part in their sprint races ( Reception – 30m and Years 1 and 2 – 40m).

The carousel activities were as follows: Target Throwing, Javelin, Ball dribbling with feet, Ball dribbling/bounce and catch with hands, Agility Run and Ball rolling to targets.

I am incredibly proud of how the children performed last week. The skills, knowledge and understanding you have been able to display have been a real testament to your hard work and attitude towards everything we have done in our PE lessons and enrichment sessions this year. On top of that, there have been some wonderful moments that both your teachers and I have observed during the sports days, moments of teamwork, encouragement, helping each other and above all else enjoyment.

Well done everyone and I hope you all enjoy the summer break.




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