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Sports Update!

We have another busy half term ahead in all things PE and sport in school!


In EYFS we have started work on our Gymnastics unit with our focus on Flight – bouncing, jumping and landing.

In Year 1 we have started our Invasion Games unit with a focus on understanding some attacking and defending principles in a range of games whilst using a variety of equipment. The children will also be working on their Gymnastics skills with a focus on small and long pathways.

In Year 2 we are continuing our work on Movement Skills with a variety of new movements and challenges for us to encounter and the children will also be working on their racket and hand to eye co-ordination skills in a Net and Wall games unit of work.

In our games unit in KS2 every class will be focusing on Hockey this half term with an emphasis on safety, control and applying our skills into a range of games in preparation for our intra house tournaments before the Christmas break.

In Year 3 the children will also continue their gymnastics with a focus on symmetry and asymmetry work with a partner.

In Year 4 the children will be finishing their block of swimming lessons, after which they will have some Health Related Fitness lessons to finish the half term.

In Year 5 the children are starting a Gymnastics unit focusing on Matching, Mirroring and Contrasting sequences and routines.

Year 6 will be working on a Team Building and Problem Solving unit exploring a variety of ways they can work together and how some of the values they come across can be beneficial in sport and life in general.

School Sport

Our girls football team progressed to the Semi Final of the Wix Cup after a 7-0 victory against Wymondley school on the first Wednesday back after half term. We now face Whitehill at home on Wednesday 27th November for a place in the Final.

Our A football team matched the girls achievement by beating Whitehill 5-1 last night (Thursday 14th) and now play Our Lady school in their semi final with the date to be confirmed.

They also continued their winning run in the league with a 10-0 victory against Oughton on Monday.

Our Netball teams have showed some real determination and resilience in their recent fixtures. The A team lost matches against William Ransom 10-3 and Whitehill 12-1 in the league in some tough matches. However, the way they are playing continues to improve and I was really proud of them for not giving up and trying to do things properly.

The B team won 5-2 against William Ransom in their most recent game and played some fantastic netball along the way.

Well done to everyone who has represented the school in the past few weeks, you have shown excellent skill, knowledge, understanding and a willingness to improve and do your best.




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