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A Year 2 Class Post

Sports Week!

What a brilliant sports week Year 2 have had!

First we reached for new heights and took part in trampolining.

“I liked the donut game because I went super high” – Meg.

“I liked the seat drop game because you had to try and remember what name you had been given” – Hamish.


Then we enjoyed taking part in football!

“I liked the football because I scored a goal” – Rex

” I liked playing the match because we got to see how people in our class play” – Nicholas


We were also taught Rugby by a Saracens Rugby player!

“I liked playing stuck in the mud with the rugby ball because we had a warm-up” – Aiden

“I liked the end where we were trying the medals on” – Matthew


Finally we finished the week on 4 wheels by learning how to skateboard!

“I really liked the skateboarding because when we flipped the board over and stood on it, it was really challenging” – Edward.

“I really liked flipping the skateboard and jumping on it because I kept on trying and trying” – Mae.

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