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A Year 6 Class Post

Sports Week in Year 6 19th June 2023

We have, once again, been very grateful to Mr Smith for arranging lots of additional activities for the whole school.

Year 6 had three main activities:

Wheelchair basketball / handball.

“The Wheelchair basketball was really fun because it was a new way of playing a sport that we weren’t used to. It was difficult at first but we soon got the hang of it and managed to pull off some nice spins and turns. Nes, the Olympic Paralympian star, brought in three of her medals to show us. She explained how she had won them for the shot putt. Both handball and wheelchair basketball were really enjoyable and were my favourite activities this week.” Milo Turner.


“I really enjoyed Dodgeball because it used a new skill set I didn’t realise I had. It was fun that we got to play different games against different people and that we got to play a game against everyone at the end. Alex’s talk was really clear and I really agreed with his comments about being a team player as we move on up to our next schools.” Audrey Carey.


“I enjoyed the rugby because it was a new experience and I think it was a great chance for people to get more involved. It taught us the specific skills of rugby which many of us grasped very quickly.”

Alice Kent

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