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A Year 6 Class Post

Sports Week in Year 6

What a glorious week it has been for all our sporting activities! Despite the intense heat, the children have kept hydrated and shaded as much as possible and have enjoyed the sessions we have had.

Taekwondo was very popular with both classes. as was the rugby session on Thursday afternoon. It was great to see the children making great progress throughout the sessions; none more so than during skateboarding, where tentative learners became more confident and tried the skill unsupported by their peers in a lot of cases. Friday’s dodgeball was another great success. The children had remembered the rules from last year and showed great sporting behaviour and healthy competition at all times. Mrs Lilley Edwards came to deliver an assembly about the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, which was much appreciated by Spruce; Beech were having one of their sporting lessons at the time.

In addition to all of the above, we received a visit from both HBS and HGS, where the children learned a lot of information first-hand about the schools, as well as having their questions answered.

Play rehearsals have also been time-tabled in this week. We are now practising with one cast at a time and we are absolutely delighted by the effort that everyone is putting in to making the production a success in a couple of weeks’ time. We have just had the chance to rehearse with some of our props for the first time and we are delighted by the quality of the props and the children who will be bringing them on and off stage.

We have had our lesson about puberty today and both Mrs Reed and myself were delighted by the sensible and mature attitude of the boys and girls.

Both classes have also had time to continue their Isle of Wight projects and we are very much looking forward to seeing their pieces from home at the end of the month as we have heard a lot of exciting ideas about friendship group work at the weekend: wonderful!

Enjoy the weather and keep safe and cool this weekend!



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