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A Year 6 Class Post

Sports Week in Year 6

As well as continuing our Changing Me Jigsaw lessons and using a wealth of DT skills to design, make and evaluate our small-frames structures, we have enjoyed PE week!

Skateboard, dodgeball, rugby and tennis sessions were arranged by Mr Smith and Miss Clapp to help us develop our skills and have lots of fun! We also also been able to continue our PE enrichment on Friday afternoon with our first session of Foot Rounders!

Here are some quotes from Spruce about PE week:

I really enjoyed the skateboarding because I’ve never tried it before and I loved doing it with my friends. Mirelle

Skateboarding was phenominal. It was an amazing experience to practise tricks and skate up and down the playground. Evangeline.

I really enjoyed the rugby because at first I was really scared but I found it really fun and exciting.  Honeymay.

Rugby was my favourite sport because of all the games we did especially rob the nest. Alexander.

I found sports week really fun and I enjoyed participating. Samuel.

I found skateboarding interesting because I couldn’t ride one before. Theo

I found the dodgeball fun because we went up against each other’s house teams. Shivrel.

Rugby was great. I especially enjoyed the first drill and I loved having the opportunity to play a new sport. Tilly.

I enjoyed the tennis because I liked competing against others. Eva.

I really enjoyed sports week. My two favouriye activities were skateboarding and rugby because they were really exciting. Flo H.

I had a lot of fun during skateboarding since I have never skated before so it was a new and really great experience. Anika.

I really enjoyed skateboarding because it’s one of my favourite hobbies. Olly

I really enjoyed making our DT structures because I felt like I was able to do everything by myself and I felt rather independent. Issy (out of action for the PE!)

Before PE week, I liked to watch rugby sometimes but I didn’t want to actually play it. Though after I tried rugby in school, I realised that it was actually really fun! Lucet.

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