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A Year 2 Class Post

Spring 1 Week 2

As writers we have written and published our own set of instructions for how to make our own vehicles (based on our DT project from last term).

As mathematicians we have been introduced to the ÷ symbol and learnt that it means ‘shared between’.

As historians we have explored the life of Christopher Columbus and his discoveries. We discussed what is meant by ‘colonisation’ and how this discovery impacted the lives of others.

As gymnasts we have started making our own sequences including jumps, rolls and balances. We have also explored different ways of transitioning from one piece of apparatus to another.

In PSHE we have set ourselves different challenges (e.g. learning the macarena, learning to count to 2s in French, counting  to 10 in Chinese or learning the poem ‘the owl and the pussycat’ off by heart.) Oak class have already met their goals by completing their challenges this week, and Hawthorn are looking forward to meeting their goal next week.

As digital learners we explored the skill of questioning by playing a game of ‘guess who’ with avatars. We then built on this by creating our own binary tree to answer yes and no questions.

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