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A Year 2 Class Post

Spring 1 Week 3

This week as writers we have read the story ‘That rabbit belongs to Emily Brown’. We used drama to help us re-enact the story and help us become familiar with the recurring language in the story. Then we learnt about adverbs (an adverb describes a verb) and wrote sentences with adverbs describing the adventures that Emily Brown has in the story.

“Emily Brown and Stanley were swimming bravely.”

“Emily Brown and Stanley joyfully blasted off into the milky way.”


As mathematicians we have started our learning on multiplication. We started by recognising equal groups and then writing repeated addition number sentences to represent these groups. We have then been introduced to the multiplication symbol (x) and learnt that it means “groups of”.


As scientists we played a game of ‘sensible or not’. We had to apply our knowledge of the properties of different materials to say if they would suitable for making an object out of.

“A blanket made out of metal is not sensible because metal is rigid and opaque. It won’t be soft, it would be as cold as an ice cube.”

“A hat made out of wood is not sensible because wood is heavy and would not be comfortable.”

In RE we explored the features you might find in a Christian church in preparation for our visit to a church next week. We made our own churches and labelled the features we might find.

As writers we also had the opportunity to share our Monster guides with our year 6 buddy classes.



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